Plan Review Consultants, Inc. will evaluate building department operations and provide practical and effective methods to enhance customer service, operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Process Improvement and Streamlining

With years of experience delivering customer friendly and efficient building operations, we can help your organization reach optimum efficiency while building strong team work and enhancing service delivery. We stay with you until you start realizing the results of our study and recommendations.

We conduct a broad evaluation of your system by:

  • Gathering Data
  • Process Mapping
  • Conducting an internal and external survey (360-survey)
  • Projecting survey results over existing processes
  • Identifying immediate, short and long term ways to streamline and realign processes
  • Holding one on one, small team meetings to achieve support from all team members
  • Implement measures
  • Evaluate progress and implement realignments

Fee Study and revenue enhancement: With our proprietary method we can deliver a comprehensive fee study to support your baseline staffing and enable you to deliver quality services to your customers