Improve your success rate obtaining permits from building department with our preview services. At Plan Review Consultants, PRC, our experienced staff will review your project prior to submittal to your local building department and provide you with a list of potential corrections.

Here are some benefits provided by our services:

  • More complete submittals to reviewing authorities
  • Reduce processing time and the number of review cycles needed for approval
  • Tackle major issues early on
  • Win the trust of your local building department

The cost of Preview Services is 35% of the plan check fee charged by the local building department operation with a minimum of $500.

Additional Services: PRC can assist you to resolve building code issues on a time and material basis.

Important Note: This service is not available for projects within jurisdictions where we currently provide plan check services. Many factors effect approval timeframe of a project, therefore, Plan Review Consultants, Inc. does not warrant or imply that a definite shortening of review time will be achieved through this review process. Project owners should make their own judgments on the value of these services and make decisions accordingly.