The following steps are implemented to ensure and control quality of work:

Quality Process

Three Step Review Process:

Step 1 – Preliminary review establishing overall design criteria and establishing major and special features of each project and assigning projects according to related staff experience.

Step 2 – Detailed and systematic review of drawings, notes and specifications, calculations and generating a complete list of plan check comments.

Step 3 – Final review including comparing checklists with project specific review sets, peer review on complex projects and compilation of a final review set.

Quality Products

Complete review to eliminate issuance of new comments in resubmittals (unless new information is provided them).

All project comments are provided in a word processing platform chosen by the customer (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word etc.).

Electronic or Facsimile transmittals of plan review comments.

Project specific field checklist on major aspects of each project or use of building inspectors.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous evaluation and improvement of our services based on surveys of customers.