Plan Review Consultants, Inc.

Plan Review Consultants, Inc is a professional firm dedicated to serving local jurisdictions with Building Department Services.

Our current turn around times: -> Commercial (10 to 15 days) -> Residential (5 to 10 days)

Our services

On Demand Services

Our highly qualified and experienced team can provide your jurisdiction with various building department services including the following:

Plan Check Services:

  • Building
  • Structural
  • E/M/P
  • Fire
  • Hazmat
  • Engineering, NSDP
  • Grading

Permit Center Services:

  • Building Official Services
  • Permit Technician Services
  • Onsite Plan Check Services
  • Automation
  • Inspection
  • Process evaluation and streamlining
  • Code Adoption and Interpretation

Online Plan Check

We provide complete online plan review services, where each customer has their own dedicated portal. All transmittals are made through the customer’s portal. That means no email, no linking to Box, DropBox, or Drive …all of this through the portal, easily and securely.

  • Accept project online.
  • We review online
  • Transmit to the design team and Jurisdiction online
  • Accept resubmittal online
  • Review cycle repeats till approved
  • Stamp the plans digitally and forward them to the jurisdiction

Online Plan Review Software Implementation

In collaboration with Civos, Inc. we will implement a fully online permitting system for any jurisdiction in less than 72 hours. This is fully hosted on Amazon EC2, entirely backed up and secured. With a flat rate of $250 per month for up to 20 staff users, and with unlimited external users, this is a great opportunity to try this Online Permitting System.

Commonly Asked Questions:

A: Yes, this will handle your entire plan check process outside of our existing permitting software
A: Yes, we work with Civos, Inc. to deploy a true all hosted all online system for your jurisdiction. The
only upfront cost is the cost of data import (usually less $7K), your annual fee for licensing and hosting
will be less than your existing software.

Express Checks

Improve your success rate at obtaining permits from building departments with our preview services. At Plan Review Consultants our experienced staff will review your project prior to submittal to your local building department and provide you with a list of potential corrections.

Benefits provided by our services:

  • More complete submittals to reviewing authorities
  • Reduce processing time and the number of review cycles needed for approval
  • Tackle major issues early on
  • Win the trust of your local building department

The cost of Preview Services is 35% of the plan check fee charged by the local building department operation with a minimum of $500. Additionally, PRC can assist you to resolve building code issues on a time and material basis.


In-house training on structural and non-structural aspects of codes. Training can be provided in two, four or six hour time blocks and during normal operating hours, after 5 PM and on Saturdays. We will adjust our timetable to best accommodate your staff availability.

Plan Check Training provides small group training on building codes issues. It includes 2 hours of lecture followed by 2 hours of design practice.


  • Allowable area and heights
  • Occupancies and separations
  • Fire separation and Fire resistivity
  • Exiting


  • Wood, beams, post, lateral and load path
  • Foundation design
  • Ductility
  • Steel design, Beams, Frames, columns
  • Concrete
  • Post-tension

Organizational Study

Plan Review Consultants, Inc. will evaluate building department operations and provide practical and effective methods to enhance customer service, operational efficiency and responsiveness. With years of experience delivering customer friendly and efficient building operations, we can help your organization reach optimum efficiency while building strong team work and enhancing service delivery. We stay with you until you start realizing the results of our study and recommendations.

We conduct a broad evaluation of your system by:

  • Gathering Data
  • Process Mapping
  • Conducting an internal and external survey (360-survey)
  • Projecting survey results over existing processes
  • Identifying immediate, short and long term ways to streamline and realign processes
  • Holding one on one, small team meetings to achieve support from all team members
  • Implement measures
  • Evaluate progress and implement realignments

Fee Study and revenue enhancement

With our proprietary method we can deliver a comprehensive fee study to support your baseline staffing and enable you to deliver quality services to your customers

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness

  • Implementing SEMS program
  • Automation of SEMS program via Disaster Response Software
  • Post Disaster/Earthquake Evaluation training authorized by OES